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We want to help mission critical companies like data centers, central energy plants, and manufacturing facilities understand the value of SCADA. We’re convinced that once you use VTScadaLIGHT, you’ll want the features of the full version integrated throughout your facility. As a systems integrator, we’re thrilled to work with you on future integration projects!

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Free VTScada
Installation & Training*

Even though Trihedral offers VTScadaLIGHT for free, and the process of downloading and installing the software is straight-forward, many people don't know what to do once the software in installed. Some simply do not have the time to watch Trihedral’s YouTube channel. Perhaps even after watching the videos, the terminology still seems somewhat foreign.

That’s where Affinity Energy comes in. We’re offering free VTScadaLIGHT installation and training* to help you determine if VTScada is right for your environment. 

This is a great opportunity to test a new controls and monitoring solution, whether you’re lacking a SCADA system, or your current building automation/SCADA system isn’t living up to your expectations.

You fill out the form above. (Offer limited to the first 30 qualified projects.)

We set up a quick call to learn about your environment, discuss why you’re interested in this offering, and make sure you have the adequate infrastructure (computer, IP connectivity to instrumentation or controls, etc.)

We arrive onsite* to install VTScadaLIGHT, integrate a handful of points, teach you how to integrate the rest, and show you how reporting (and all the other cool features) work.

You test the system and determine if it provides the type of value you were originally looking for.

After a few weeks, we evaluate together. As an open systems integrator, we’re determined to find the best solution for you. Even if you decide VTScada wasn’t for you, we’ll work with you to analyze a different SCADA software that might work better.

*Some restrictions apply. In-person installation/training only available within a 4-hour radius of zip code 28269. If integration location is outside applicable radius, customer must have and be willing to allow Affinity Energy to install via remote access.

Why are we offering this?

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