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We have Allen Bradley PLC experience.

We’ve integrated MicroLogix and Allen Bradley PLCs in mission critical applications like data centers, utility-scale solar farms, and manufacturing facilities across the Southeast.

The Allen Bradley PLC is just one of Affinity Energy’s specialties. As an open systems control systems integrator we focus on the right PLC for your unique environment, instead of sticking blindly to one brand. This helps you minimize cost and maximize ease of use.


Might Be for You If…
For over 15 years, our engineers have recommended and integrated Allen Bradley’s MicroLogix when:
  • You have a machine that was designed to stand alone, but may need to share information to the outside world
  • You have an installed base of Rockwell products
  • You don’t need to add more than a couple dozen I/O 
  • You’re looking for an industrially hardened controller with a good temperature rating
  • You are trying to keep the budget tight, but need some automation nonetheless
Successful Allen Bradley PLC System Integrations
We specialize in systems integration for mission critical applications that require redundancy and reliability such as a:

•Dehydrating skid or siloxane removal process in a landfill gas plant
•Soil monitoring, cleaning, monitoring, or tracker actuator controller at a PV solar plant
•Disabling generator output during maintenance cycles at a data center
•Packaging machines in a manufacturing environment

Top 3 Reasons to Specify a MicroLogix Allen Bradley PLC
Customized MicroLogix:
Case Study in PV Solar
A great example of a MicroLogix application in action is on a utility-scale solar farm that uses trackers. The tracker controller will probably use a CompactLogix to control an array of trackers.

However, individual, or small groups of tracker actuators are controlled by MicroLogix PLCs. Each MicroLogix PLC will communicate with the supervisory CompactLogix to inform it did its job. In fact, you can download sample code for the MicroLogix with the NREL Standard Tracking Algorithm from the Rockwell website for free.
Olda Gardon
Maintenance Manager
The folks at Affinity Energy are first and foremost very knowledgeable about what they do. A close second is their ability to work with you to understand your process and come up with a solution you want, not try to fit you into their box.
Tony Watson
Project Manager
We recognize the value of an integrator that can integrate a variety of different manufacturers’ equipment. We also appreciate that Affinity Energy is capable of providing complete turnkey solutions versus only “smarts & parts."
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Affinity Energy - Control Logix Systems Integrator

High Maintainability

With fantastic backward compatibility and legacy support, you’ll always have a clear migration path. Software is always well tested and upgraded to support new hardware features and additional processor memory.

Industrially Hardened

MicroLogix are designed to be installed on the machine, where vibration and temperature variations can be more intense than the climate controlled spaces control cabinets are often installed.

You are 100% Taken Care Of

Unlike many PLC vendors, Allen Bradley has field technicians available to perform emergency repair or replacement with most components. Though a relatively expensive path to repair, the cost of downtime may justify a rapid response.

In addition, a global network of distributors and sales support help initiate discussions with OEMs to integrate Allen-Bradley processors in any equipment you plan to purchase.

Is MicroLogix right for your project? Let us help you decide.
It can be difficult to choose between Allen Bradley PLCs. In general, CompactLogix acts as more of a supervisory system for individual machine processes.

MicroLogix was designed to control a single aspect of a machine, and was never designed to be the master of any other process. MicroLogix PLCs report back to supervisory control PLCs, such as CompactLogix and ControlLogix. They also work well for standalone processes where basic HMI can be installed on the machine.
Choosing Between
MicroLogix & CompactLogix