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Reducing Energy in Industrial Plants Using Equipment Sequencing

Dive deep into energy conservation strategies
with Allan Evora, Instrumentation Specialist

About The Webinar

While visiting industrial facilities, I often see aspects of energy efficiency overlooked. Larger pieces of equipment aren’t typically set up to match their load. Your dynamic manufacturing facility needs a mechanism in place to address constant changes (e.g., production levels, adding more machines, etc.) and utility cost increases.

How can you address these changes and still provide the necessary resources to operate the facility in an economical manner?

Equipment sequencing control schemes can be used to help you run your plant more efficiently and reduce energy cost. By automatically making decisions on which machines to sequence on and off based on real-time measurements, these schemes can maximize optimal equipment design points.

You'll Learn

The best way to run multiple machines at their optimal levels while minimizing the number of machines that need to run. This includes best practices related to determining cycling setpoints, prioritization of runtime accumulation, and installing submeters.

Allan D. Evora is a leading expert in control systems integration and president of Affinity Energy with over 20 years of industry experience working in every capacity of the power automation project life cycle. With a background at Boeing Company and General Electric, Allan made the decision to establish Affinity Energy in 2002. Allan is an alumnus of Syracuse University with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, graduate of the NC State Energy Management program, and qualified as a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP).

Allan has been instrumental on large scale integration projects for utilities, universities, airports, financial institutions, medical campus utility plants, and manufacturing corporations, and has worked with SCADA systems since the early ‘90s. A passion for data acquisition, specialty networks, and custom software drives him to incorporate openness, simplicity, and integrity into every design in which he is involved.

About Allan Evora

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Presenter: Allan Evora
Duration: 30 Minutes
Title: Reducing Energy in Industrial Plants Using Equipment Sequencing
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