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We’ve integrated Ubiquiti wireless in mission critical applications, like utility-scale solar plants, across the Southeast.

Ubiquiti wireless is just one of Affinity Energy’s specialties, especially Ubiquiti NSM2. As an open systems control systems integrator we focus on the right communications for your unique environment, instead of sticking blindly to one brand or one communication type. This helps you minimize cost and downtime.


A Ubiquiti Radio Might Be Right for Your Communications Structure
For over 5 years, our engineers have recommended and integrated Ubiquiti radios when:

  • You want an easily-integrated wireless radio communications solution that doesn’t require burying connectors
  • You want a cost-effective point-to-point communications solution
  • You want a wireless solution that doesn’t require much support equipment
Successful Ubiquiti Installations
We specialize in systems integration and field services, like wireless radio Ubiquiti installation, for cost-effective mission critical applications such as:

• Landfill Gas Plants
• Small PV Solar Plants
• Central Utility Plants
• Data Centers
• Manufacturing

Top 3 Reasons to Specify a Ubiquiti NSM2
Customized Ubiquiti Case Study in PV Solar
When designing Hertford and Longfarm utility-scale solar projects in North Carolina, one of the site engineers forgot to include the drawings that included 400 feet of Ethernet required for communications from the site to the recloser outside of the fence. Unfortunately, that greatly exceeds the length of Ethernet cable, and the mistake was only discovered by the owners after the site was almost completed.

The solar site owners were considering a fiber-optic cable, quoted at tens of thousands of dollars, to make the connection. Affinity Energy proposed to bridge the gap wirelessly with 2.4gHz Ubiquiti radios, at a total price of less than $1,000.

Olda Gardon
Maintenance Manager
The folks at Affinity Energy are first and foremost very knowledgeable about what they do. A close second is their ability to work with you to understand your process and come up with a solution you want, not try to fit you into their box.
David Giles
Operations & Maintenance Manager
We've worked with Affinity Energy on over a dozen solar projects. On every single one of those projects, their field services team gets the job done on time. And at the end of the day, that's what is most important to us!
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It’s an Economical Solution

When your situation doesn’t require a top-of-the-line industrial-grade radio, the cost difference is significant. For example, Ubiquiti is a fraction of the cost of industrially-hardened radios, which typically start at $1,500. As a bonus, it requires much less power to run, once installed.

Not to mention the overwhelming advantage of wireless over wired. You save a lot on labor costs when you aren’t paying for miles of trenches and conduit. Wireless also requires less planning and allows for easier retrofit options than hard connections.

It Is Easily Modified and Easily Installed

Industrial wireless radios are already considerably faster than digging trenches, laying cable, and burying it again. But Ubiquiti’s structure makes installation even simpler. The antenna is built in, it doesn’t require an enclosure, it’s simple to mount, and doesn’t require much support equipment. It may be less configurable than other industrially-hardened wireless radios, but fewer settings makes integration extremely simple.

It’s Reliable

In a wired infrastructure, there are many points of failure, mostly from accidental cable cutting. Due to the simplified network of industrial wireless, there are actually less points of failure than in a wired infrastructure. The worst possible scenario in a wireless situation is if a radio happens to go bad (a rarity). In which case, a new Ubiquiti radio can be installed in as little as 30 minutes.

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