Looking to Integrate Weidmuller Wireless Radios?

We have industrial wireless radio experience.

We’ve integrated Weidmuller wireless radios in industrial environments, like utility-scale solar farms, across the Southeast.

The Weidmuller WI-MOD-945-E is probably the best bang for the buck, but we’ve integrated other models as well.

Weidmuller wireless is just one of Affinity Energy’s specialties. 

As an open systems control systems integrator we focus on the right communications for your unique environment, instead of sticking blindly to one brand or one communication type. This helps you minimize cost and downtime.


A Weidmuller Radio Might Be Right for Your Communications Structure
For over 5 years, our engineers have recommended and integrated Weidmuller radios when:

  • You want industrially-hardened, reliable access points that don't require burying connectors
  • You want communications to multiple devices at the same time
  • You want a flexible radio with many customization features
Successful Weidmuller Installations
We specialize in systems integration and field services, like wireless Weidmuller radio installation, for cost-effective industrial and mission critical applications such as:

• Landfill Gas Plants
• Large PV Solar Plants
• Central Utility Plants
• Manufacturing

Top 3 Reasons to Specify a Weidmuller Radio
Customized Weidmuller Radio Case Study in PV Solar
Affinity Energy designed, provided, and installed a Weidmuller wireless communications infrastructure that reported back to a web-based SCADA system at a utility-scale solar site in Conetoe, NC.

After conducting a wireless site survey to ensure strong wireless reliability, we determined 900Mhz radios would make the most sense for the 800-acre solar farm. To ensure a honeycomb of redundancy with multiple connections to multiple radios, Affinity Energy set up a wireless mesh network. If a failure happened to occur, it would only affect one radio instead of dropping communications from an entire section of the farm.

It took just two weeks to fully-integrate the wireless backbone.

Olda Gardon
Maintenance Manager
The folks at Affinity Energy are first and foremost very knowledgeable about what they do. A close second is their ability to work with you to understand your process and come up with a solution you want, not try to fit you into their box.
David Giles
Operations & Maintenance Manager
We've worked with Affinity Energy on over a dozen solar projects. On every single one of those projects, their field services team gets the job done on time. And at the end of the day, that's what is most important to us!
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More Communications Flexibility

Weidmuller radios have digital I/O built in, and can function as a Modbus client and/or server. This means you can communicate transparently through the radio with other Modbus devices.

It also has a built-in RS-232 and RS-485 serial port, allowing you to get a wireless connection to serial devices at the same location. Weidmuller also has built in networking features such as managed switch capabilities and routing.

Industrial Hardening and Reliability

Today’s industrial-grade wireless connections are considered reliable and redundant enough to perform in industrial atmospheres. In fact, they have just as much (if not more) security capability and encryption as a wired switch, and their reliability is unparalleled. Weidmuller is considered one of the most industrially-hardened wireless radios.

It’s Extremely Economical When Compared to Wired

You save a lot on labor costs when you aren’t paying for miles of trenches and conduit. Wireless radios also require less planning resources than running hard connections.

Is Weidmuller right for your project? Let us help you decide.